Spezialfuttermittelwerk Beeskow GmbH

Spezialfuttermittelwerk Beeskow GmbH

15848, Германия, г. Беесков, ул. Хафенштрассе 11




Fish feed

A facility with history, present and future celebrates in 2016 its 40th jubilee of fish feed production. We constantly adjust our technology to the latest state of the art.
Scientific research and practical tests of the feeding quotient and the performance are the base of the Aquafeed- programme.
The close coorporation with German and foreign institutes is an important fundament of the development and improvement of the Aquafeed products. By the refoundation of the Spezialfuttermittelwerk GmbH a base for the enlargement of the programme of special feed was set. Today Aquafeed is sold by four representatives abroad and is directly sold in Germany as well as by five German representatives. The factory is admitted to produce 18.000 t fish feed per year.
We are focussed on contract-production. Custom-made receipts in small quantities combined with customer-consulting is a further feature of our new company strategy.