"The recommendations we make to them should be the recommendations we would make if we owned their companies, without regard to our own short-term interest."

David Ogilvy


UAFISH project we started in 2016 with the purpose of popularization of Ukrainian aquaculture. Almost from the very beginning, we felt a great interest in our market from foreign companies. Unfortunately, due to the current economic and political situation, as well as the lack of proper attention from the government to the industry, this interest is fanned by myths and legends about the "terrible risk" in Ukraine. For our part, we seek to dispel these usually unjustified, fears and concerns.


In 2017 we registered the legal entity with the purpose to expand the activities with the following directions:




If you need a fish or seafood – contact us. Our company works with leading suppliers and manufacturers of fish and fish products in Ukraine.




80% of fishmarket in Ukraine is imported products. Fish and seafood consumption is low. Ukrainians consume only 8 kg of fish per year. Standard recommended intake is 20 kg. But for Ukrainian market, we see significant growth potential.
In our opinion, one of the reasons for low consumption – the lack of information and promotion program in general, and the lack of marketing strategies for individual products, in particular.




For foreign companies we offer representation in Ukraine to expand cooperation, opening new markets and products.




We have been working for the long period of time on the Ukrainian market with the suppliers of fish, equipment for aquaculture, farmers, controlling state bodies, research institutes and consumers. If you have an interesting project – contact us and we will help you to find partners in Ukraine.


We are always glad to new acquaintances and open to cooperation. If you know something about and know how to fish - let us know!

Українській рибі бути !!!



  Oleksii Vovk - CEO || co-owner