Украина, Киев



We operate and have expertise in 3  specific areas:

  • Sturgeon breeding;
  • Sturgeon caviar production and
  • Water bioresourse extraction.

Our experience in Sturgeon breeding has been acquired over many years. We have mature Broodstock that spawns every year.

The fish are kept in ideal conditions, with a plentiful water flow, they are fed with natural feed and top quality artificial European feed and are under regular and thorough veterinary control.

  Thanks to these excellent and beneficial living conditions the pure natural flavor is inherent in the fish meat and caviar. We offer exclusive Sturgeons weighing 5 to 10 kg,  alive or refrigerated, for family holidays or catering programs.

The fine-grained Sturgeon caviar we produce is completely a new product in the Ukraine market. Firstly, it is made with no preservatives, that is the most important advantage! Secondly, we obtain the caviar from live fish, this saves the life of the fish  and doesn`t affect it’s health. After exhaustive research into the experience of many specialists from Ukraine, Poland, and Astrakhan, we have developed our own unique way of preparing this Caviar. It allows us to save the inherent useful minerals and vitamins without compromise to the taste quality of the caviar from killed fish. In addition, our product may be  frozen if necessary with no loss to its texture and flavour. Our sturgeon caviar is very tasty, mild and full of goodness!

Besides breeding the Sturgeons we deal with the legal extraction of water bioresourses such as bloodworm larvae, artemia copepods and artemia`s eggs. These invertebrates are great bail for fishing and feeding aquarium fish fry. We are able to produce feed for fish in a dry or fresh (alive) state and Export them in wholesale lots.