Украина, Полтава, Октябрьский р-н, ул. Комсомольская, д. 27



FISH-ALLIANCE (RYBNAYA PARTIYA, LTD) was founded in 1998 as a wholesale trade company.

Through the founders of the company efforts, it immediately took a strong position on the market of Ukraine as a supplier of the most popular varieties of fish from the different parts of the ocean.

The concept of the company is frozen ocean primary product delivery to consumers in Ukraine for home consumption or as a raw material for processors. We do that as soon as possible, cost effectively, and thus for the lowest price. Logistics scheme delivery to any warehouse in Ukraine is one of our achievements. As well as many years of experience with our customers, wholesale companies, small-scale firms, fish-processors. Thus, we consciously focus on the small and medium business development in Ukraine.

FISH-ALLIANCE is working hard on finding new varieties of fish that Ukrainian consumers could like, responding with the criteria: best balance between price and quality. But the most promising area of RYBNAYA PARTIYA development we consider the domestic aquaculture, both in terms of investment, and as an opportunity for business expansion.

The head office and main production facilities are located in Poltava.

FISH-ALLIANCE is one of the founders of the Association “Ukrainian importers of fish and seafood.”