V. Chemerus, V. Dushka, V. Maksym

An important component in providing the food safety in Ukraine is development of intensive aquaculture. The results of examination the state and main perspectives of development the fish industry are presented in the article. Based on the results of the conducted research, it is established that the fishy industry is in the crisis state. Amount of fish caught during the 2013–2015 shortened by 2 times, due to negative economic processes related to loss of main part of fishing feet and marine shelf. The percentage of imported production in the structure of consumption fund of fish was roughly 80% in 2015 at the amount of $290 million. Ukraine has quite big resource potential for aquaculture’s development that should be a base for increasing amounts of growing and catching the commodity fish in order to ensure the consumer needs by the national products. In order to develop the aquaculture in Ukraine, it is necessary to realize the package of actions for recovering the resource and manufacturing potential of the fish industry. These actions, among others, include creation of favorable economic environment for attraction investments in implementation of new innovative technologies of intensive cultivation of fish in ponds, rivers, pools and gardens. Existence of the growing consumer demand for freshwater kinds of fish, in cultivation of which is mainly based on not disclosed the potential of aquaculture in inland waters.

The development of marketing infrastructure, providing concessional target lending of the fish industry enterprises on renewal of the fixed assets and restoration water objects available for fish growing.

Facilitate the integration processes between enterprises of the fishing industry and household sectors of crop, livestock food industry, which provide raw materials for aquaculture development in Ukraine.

Providing state orders for machine–building enterprises to ensure fixed assets at reasonable prices and on terms of financial leasing. Training of highly–qualified professionals in the specialized institutions with knowledge of technology and economics of doing an efficient pisciculture. Implementation of the proposed actions will contribute to the development of fish production in Ukraine, enhance the competitiveness of fish farming and reduce dependence on imported food sector.

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