Plankton and benthos of the Dnieper reservoirs as a fodder supplies of fish

A. J. Malyarevskaya, V. V. Gurvich, S. L. Gusinskaya, I. L. Koreliakova, L. E. Kostikova, M. I. Kuzmenko, L. E. Mikhailenko, A. A. Nebrat, A. I. Sergeev, L. V. Skorik, P. G. Sukhoyvan, M. I. Chernogorenko, V. V. Sherstyuk, E. G. Boshko, L. V. Voronchuck, V. P. Gorbik, L. V. Emelyanova, E. B. Zubenko, A. A. Kovalchuk, D. P. Kurandina, N. S. Severenchuk, V. I. Titar, V. I. Shcherbak
This is the very rare book that had been published when perfect investigations under serious state financial support were carried on at the Institute of Hydrobiology. This time I was young guy that spent majority of time in expeditions on the Dnieper River. There was no money for this book in plan, as everything was planned this time in the former Soviet Union, so we published it over VINITY in Moscow. It was enough hard and expansive to obtain it as relations between our countries are not the best today. But I think, would be honest to return this forgotten book into Hydrobiological family. Moreover I want to republish second edition of it with photos and other supplement materials, as it deserve it. I didn’t see too much analogous in the world. As well it needs translation into English. I hope, next year I will do it…
August 11, 2016
Professor Andrey A. Kovalchuk

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